15 Tips for before / after becoming Dreadlocks


Carry the mane of the lion of Judah for the Rastafari it is a symbol of purity, nonviolence, of struggle and rebellion against the system.

An intimate expression of a pure and spiritual way of life. Each carrier, within the Dreadlock culture. It assigns to this mythical hairstyle a meaning of its own, depending on the reason that led to the decision to wear it.

Have you thought about making Rastas / Dreadlocks or did you do them recently? Then take a look at these 15 tips.

15 Tips for before / after becoming Dreadlocks

Before becoming Dreadlocks

1- About two or three days before make dreadlocks, wash the hair with soap or neutral / natural shampoo, so that it stays dry and is easier to entangle when working it.

2- Well-made dreadlocks are those that are made handcrafted, where only needles and hair are used; It is not advisable to go to a hairdressing salon in which they use non-natural techniques for its realization.

3- Do not get things, the thread does not end up falling, as many say.

15 Tips for before / after becoming Dreadlocks

Wash freshly made Rastas

4- When you have the fresh dreadlocks try not to wet them for 2 or 3 weeks, then spend 4 or 5 days, until finally, after some washing, you will notice that you get less hairs, that means you can wash them often (the best is every 2-3 days).

5- For wash the dreadlocks Do it with soap or neutral / natural shampoo by applying it to the hands and massaging the scalp, the water that falls will wash them by itself, it is not necessary to touch them.

15 Tips for before / after becoming Dreadlocks

6- If you have some few dreadlocks in the head and need to wash the hair with rinse cream, it is not recommended, but if you do it try separate each rasta / dreadlock well so they do not get wet.

Dry the Rastas

7- After rinsing the hair well (with plenty of water), it’s time to dry the dreadlocks, for that it is recommended to tighten them individually with the towel (without moving to get no more hairs).

8- You can also Wrap the Rastas with the towel and let it rest for a few minutes until they are just a little wet so that they are finished drying with the environment (or better if you stay a few minutes in the sun).

9- If you go to use hair dryer, try to do it not too close to the scalp, as it could hurt and hurt the new hair that grows.

Tips for Caring for Rastas

15 Tips for before / after becoming Dreadlocks

10- Believe me, close the split ends with glueIt’s not a good idea at all. You’ll end up ruining the dreadlocks even more.

11- The hairs that are coming out of the dreadlocks do not have to be cut, in this way you will end up having very thin dreads.

12- For keep the dreadlocks natural buy a fine crochet needle and put those hairs that are coming out cooking them.

13- If you decide dye the color dreadlocks Make sure first of all that they are well trained and firm.

14- At bedtime, especially if you have dreadlocks / dreadlocks throughout the head, it is recommended sleep with a hat or tam, so do not bend or loose hairs while you sleep.

15- Every now and then you separate your dreads / dreadlocks so that over time do not grow with each other, since the roots tend to get tangled up.

15 Tips for before / after becoming Dreadlocks


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